Have you ever drink a beer? If yes, then have you ever wondered what makes it so awesome and if no, then go get yourself a beer man.

Brewers combine four ingredients to make beer namely– Barley, water, hops and yeast. But its not like mixing these ingredients makes a good beer. A series of complex biochemical reactions takes place that convert barley to sugars and allow yeast to convert the sugars to alcohol.

People have been brewing beer for many ages,  possibly dates back to 9500 BC. The early known barley beer dates back to 3500-3100 BC in western Iran. Almost any substance containing sugar undergo alcoholic fermentation. This mere fact led to the invention of beer in many cultures around the world.

In Germany (in 1400 around), a type of beer is invented that was fermented in winter, which was called as Lager Beer. This beer mostly dominated the Beer Market of U.S. nowadays.

Today, the Brewing industry is a global business with total global revenue of $298 billion as of 2006. As of 2006, more than 133 billion liters of beer sold per year.

As we have learned that beer consists of Malted Barley, hops, water and yeast. We learn them now in detail.


Malted Barley: Barley is the seed of grain that looks like wheat. It must be malted before making beer. First, barley is allowed to sprout by soaking it in water for several days and then draining it at 15 C. At this point barley is called as Green malt.  The success of  malting process is to stop the germination of the barley at a point when the sugar producing enzymes are present but most of the starch is still unconverted. These enzymes make sugars that enable yeast to yield alcohol. After this process, the green malt is dried by raising the temperature. The color and intensity of flavor depends on how high the temperature has been raised during the process.


Hops: Hops are flowers of Hop Plant.These are primarily used for stability and flavoring agent in beer.This flower is associated with hemp family and is related to marijuana although it does not have psychoactive effects as marijuana. The bitterness, flavor and aroma of beer is because of this plant.

Yeast: Yeast is single-cellular micro-organism that is responsible for conversion of sugars in to alcohol. It is also responsible for carbon-dioxide found in beer, that’s right carbon-dioxide in beer. There are different types of yeast which yield different types of beer.Beer yeast is different from Baking yeast. Two main yeast used in beer is ale yeast and lager yeast. ale yeast is top fermenting,means that it rises near the surface of beer while fermentation while lager yeast is bottom fermenting, that ferment very slowly and prefers lower temperatures.

Well, these are the major components that constitutes the beer. We never thought it through while drinking beer. So next time when you drink beer you have a little better understanding of what it is made up of.