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Do you ever wondered that photography can be used as an universal language and can transcend cultural and regional barriers. If your answer is “no” then you may want to change your critical thinking by focusing on

This new sensational or say lensational start-up is empowering women around the world by providing them digital cameras at a heavily discounted price. Once the women buy the cameras, they will also gain access to their network for uploading and printing of photographs and after-sale services.

Bonnie Chiu, CEO and Co-founder at, always like to express herself through photography but her encounter with a group of teenage girls in Istanbul, Turkey , changed the way she looked at the art forever.

With zero funds and a dream to create a system that empowered women around the world, she launched the lensational’s facebook page.After gaining some social media attention, Chiu and Co-founder Peggy Tse launched lensational’s Website.

The Core model of lensational is fairly simple. They seek digital donations (both old and new) from individuals and corporations around the world and recycle them. The cameras are sold to urban poor women in developing nations around the world at heavily discounted price. These women then have access to their network for uploading and printing these photographs made by them. These photographs then sell to  photography merchandise and their partner agencies or some online platforms. These women gets maximum revenue generated through selling of the photographs made by them back as financial support.

Lensational’s core model to train women works in two parts. First is to provide workshops that help participating women in building their confidence, to overcome their social isolation and make them socially equal.

The second part of the mission is to let the women decide if she has a passion for photography, she can become a photo-journalist and create a independent source of income for herself.

According to, Lensational acts on behalf of the women it works with to sell the photos to marketing and international development firms through exhibitions, as well as directly through the website. The revenue goes back to the women and toward costs associated with keeping Lensational running.

You can also donate to this social uplifting cause through donating cameras or purchasing photographs. Large portion  money of your money will be given to these women. You can also volunteer and become a member of this great organisation.

At last lensational’s end goal is clear:

“We want to foster an international network of women who are passionate about photography” .