Thanks For being “Lazy”, Yes you read that right. Recently I have been following a video channel on youtube and I saw a very interesting video. To demonstrate the point, some topics needs to be covered such as Entropy and Second Law of thermodynamics.

Entropy: Entropy simply means disorder or randomness in a system or can say lack of order or predictability.

Second Law of Thermodynamics: According to wikipedia, The second law of thermodynamics  states that an isolated system’s entropy never decreases. Such systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the state with maximum entropy. Non-isolated systems may lose entropy, provided their environment’s entropy increases by at least that decrement.

Well that’s kind of scientific explanation, right? . What it actually means is that suppose I have a deck of cards, actually a well ordered deck of cards in which all cards are sorted. Now suppose I disorder that deck of card by mixing cards randomly by hands. What I  actually did, somehow increased the “entropy” of  surrounding because in order to sort that deck of cards I need to spend some energy i.e., energy dispersed in my cells that is going to be converted in to kinetic energy to shuffle cards and some heat energy produced by shuffling cards (via friction) and hence that energy is going to disperse in to the surrounding and thus increasing the entropy of the system.

No process will be able to  undo the net increase in entropy I accomplish in shuffling that deck of cards. Thus if explain in bigger picture, No process will be able to undo the net increase in entropy you accomplish in your life. What it means is that you always keep increasing the entropy of the system (i.e. the “Mighty” Universe) by doing some work and spending your energy (i.e. your precious “Energy”).

The ripples of energy you leave behind by spending energy all over your life will inevitably increase the entropy of the universe. Thus, net increase in entropy will eventually lead to “Heat Death of the Universe”. You probably thinking “wait what is heat death of the universe..??”. Well let me explain.

“The” Heat death of Universe is the state of the universe in which all of its energy is evenly distributed and thus the entropy of the universe is at highest. Thus universe attain “Thermodynamic Equilibrium” in which all work is converted to energy.

The Funny consequence of all this is that people who aren’t very active , who are lazy, they may be annoying to some of us, but for the universe they are like the “Fountain of Youth“. Choosing to be lazy and doing as least as possible is like limiting your contribution to the inevitable disperse of energy, thus in other words, in a “teeny-tiny” way postponing the heat death of the universe.

Being Lazy adds time to the universe’s Life“. Well the amount of time may be nearly zero but still theoretically real. “Being Lazy will make the universe last longer” .

Thanks For Chilling Out“.